Copy right tends to differ and varie in situations which are determined from different aspects/circumstances that the product is designed under. Things that affect how copy write works include weather your working freelance or are employed by a company, working for the government, what the work is to be used for eg. mass production or for mor than one kind of design (using a designed book cover for posters etc). So basically this post will be summarising the effect and use copy write has when graphic design comes into play. Copy write is free and automatic.

Graphic design is referred to as skilfully manipulating photos words and ideas to be able to communicate a message to the targeted audience, which are generally employed publication (books, magazines, websites and newspapers) Identity (logos and branding) , advertising (billboards, print adverts, brochures, posters and website graphics) and product packaging.  Graphic designers successfully achieve this through the utilisation of  photographs, typography, composition, shapes colour, page layout and other contributing factors.

Copy right, when in terms of graphic design does not protect any particular styles, techniques, ideas or methods that are used to produce the creations that you make. It does how ever protect the actual material product such as a logo, photographs, drawings  and visual images that was produce through those processes. An example of this could be if someone where to come up with an idea for an advertising poster, using a punk kind of style through the use of photoshop, none of these things would be covered by copy write. Once you’ve begun to draw concept designs, get you ideas onto paper and begin the process of actually physically designing your concepts the copy right law comes into practice.

The actual ownership of the copyright differs depending on the conditions the work was produced under. If you are employed by a company essentially all the work/designs you create, the copy write belongs to the company. eg. if you were designing advertising posters for a client that you were assigned to through an employer, the work you created’s copy write laws do not belong to you but to your employer. However if you are a freelance worker the copy write for your design belongs to yourself  and only the final products copy write would then belong to your client allowing them to use that design for eg. a book cover and only for that, they cannot go and change it themselves to then become a poster. If for instance they did want to use the cover for other things they have to get permission of the designer and buy the copy right for the work that was made before the final product.

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