Curios as to what designer from spinifex work on all day long and what tasks they perform to fu-fill their job requirements? well so was I! keep reading below to learn the answers!

The designers receive solve and complete design problems/ concepts given to them by the clients. Come up with the ideas and evaluate the best, most efficient way to bring them to life. The first step they would undertake is the understanding and context of the job, this enables them to effectively begin the process of idea formation and eliminating the ones that do not work to the absolute best that they can create.

The concept of the design is then handed down to animators, developers, producers, technologists and operational technicians, who then bring the idea to life through the use of previously mentioned programs and the merging of different production techniques and ways of developing them.

Keep your eye out! 

Free pitching? no FREE-gan way ! free pitching is a term used to describe the supply of design services without payment. This should be avoided as (providing your skills for free) as it under minds the value of design services in turn. Try avoid these situations at all costs! unless of course its for genuine charity!

Still think you haven’t been audience to one of Spinifex’s amazing works!? see if these ring any bells! If not go check them out!!!

– Vivid (festival)

– How to train your dragon (backdrops)

-Samsung (advertising)

– Samsung opera house projection

-Streets Magnum (advertising)

-Beijing olympics opening (interactive reels)


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