Hey guys, today I’ll be discussing with you the importance of researching your target audience and keeping that information in mind whilst designing a new product to put on the market!

 To help you understand I will be utilising the research information I obtained from my design class, including the finished concept idea that was formed around selling an item to this group. The information recovered from the selected group was based around their lifestyle, colour preference, style, where they purchase clothing age and occupation/ education. Results are as displayed in the mind map below.



From these results I decided to put forward ideas for an audience appropriate clothing brand. This brand “white washed design” will be aimed towards college students from the ages 18- 30s, providing them with everyday affordable clothing with a twist. These items of clothing are able to be drawn on with special markers that allow you to create your own style of choice and also the ability to was it out after just 1 or two simple washes, essentially providing multiple clothing options with just the one buy! In turn saving the student money.

 Available in the most re occurring choice of colour from the data provided these items can be worn both plain and designed coming in the forms of baggy tee’s muscle tees, dresses and sloppy Joes the designs are unisex and come with a free marker so you can start your designs!






Curios as to what designer from spinifex work on all day long and what tasks they perform to fu-fill their job requirements? well so was I! keep reading below to learn the answers!

The designers receive solve and complete design problems/ concepts given to them by the clients. Come up with the ideas and evaluate the best, most efficient way to bring them to life. The first step they would undertake is the understanding and context of the job, this enables them to effectively begin the process of idea formation and eliminating the ones that do not work to the absolute best that they can create.

The concept of the design is then handed down to animators, developers, producers, technologists and operational technicians, who then bring the idea to life through the use of previously mentioned programs and the merging of different production techniques and ways of developing them.

Keep your eye out! 

Free pitching? no FREE-gan way ! free pitching is a term used to describe the supply of design services without payment. This should be avoided as (providing your skills for free) as it under minds the value of design services in turn. Try avoid these situations at all costs! unless of course its for genuine charity!

Still think you haven’t been audience to one of Spinifex’s amazing works!? see if these ring any bells! If not go check them out!!!

– Vivid (festival)

– How to train your dragon (backdrops)

-Samsung (advertising)

– Samsung opera house projection

-Streets Magnum (advertising)

-Beijing olympics opening (interactive reels)


Want more on Spinifex?


14/42 Ralph street Alexandria

NSW 2015



The Spinifex group is held together by a strong production team  consisted of over sixty permanent staff, who amongst those in their industry are described to be  “hand picked from the worlds best”. The spinifex team consist of Producers, strategist, creatives, designers post production artists and technicians. Their acting CEO is is Ben Casey, who graduated from well known design school in London, St martins school of design.

Generally the jobs that spinifex are employed for include video and motion graphics, exhibition graphics, web and interactive installation, visualisations, presentation design, information graphics, branding and print graphics. Their designs employ the use of adobe programs (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, keynote) and basic usage of after affects 3d packages to complete the jobs. 

So does all this sound exciting and appetising to you??? think you will be ideal for the job? well this is what they are after!

Experienced 2d and 3d artist, technicians and developers, that are able to work efficiently and resourcefully whist keeping up with the most recent and cutting edge trends and technologies, the skills required are the strong ability to work with adobe programs, photoshop, illustrator, indesign and key note, also with a brief understanding or after affects and 3d programs.Spinifex are also happy to employ freelance artist for particular jobs!

Currently they are seeking:

-Senior designers (freelance) 

-Motion graphics/ after affects artist( freelance)



Hey there fellow bloggers and or followers!

Ever wondered who is behind the scenes cutting edge digital design in the live, cultural, retail and brand experiences you see in all different aspects of the world around you?  well the chances are you have been one of many audience members to the designs of Australian design studio, Spinifex!

Spinifex are a great australian built design company, which is constantly leading the way for graphic design. Founded in thirty years ago Spinifex kicked of its companies rise to greatness in sydney, which is now the head quarters for the company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and their most recent office opening in Melbourne. Since then they have had their hand in hundreds of projects , now working world wide with clients starting from governments, corporate clients, museums  event companies and agencies. Through a wide range of media they create enticing media experiences including international spectaculars such as, Sydney’s very own Vivid, featured in the image above.

For those of you who do not know Vivid is one of the worlds most well known and well done light shows, that shows up once a year for eight teen days (twenty fourth of May till the tenth of June) in Sydney’s city heart, from the Rocks to the opera house. The most amazing displays of creativity each year is the spectacle, lighting up of customs house and the opera house.For 2014 Spinifex is working with the Doctor Who set, to be shown on the customs house and is said to be anticipated as one of the best yet.

They pride them selves on their creative expertise and innovative ideas and solutions to create a engaging media experiences that allow the audience to connect to the company and furthermore remember.


They are a digital agency and production company their products and services include:

  1. Strategy and concept development:
    • Creative and digital strategy, tactical planning
    • Creative direction and ideation
    • Design and concept art/development
  2. Audio-visual production:
    • Pre-production
    • Production
    • Post-Production – 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects
    • Architectural (building) mapping
  3. Interactive development:
    • UX design
    • Touch and multi-touch screen development
    • Gestural and facial tracking
    • Augmented reality
    • Social media integration
  4. Technical direction and logistics:
    • Hardware recommendation and procurement
    • Technical support – onsite and remote
  5. Effectiveness measurement:
    • Testing, reporting and lead management


Senior designers within a company are responsible for the conceptualisation of ideas and designs to be used as the solution to a creative problem from beginning to end. They generally have five or more years experience in the required field of work in lower positions.This title give the designer more authority over design decision making and giving direction to the junior and or mid weight designer.Both the junior and mid- weight designers in the studio report to the senior designer for information and direction as to where the design is going and how it is being formed, these designers generally are responsible for the more hands on aspects of creation the design.As the senior is able to direct the junior\mid weight designers , they tend to and are expected to interact more directly with the clients, which includes talking to them and making revisions.Interpreting briefs is part of a senior designers day to day job as it is important that the final art incorporates the concept of what the client wants in an effective way. It is also important that it is ensured the art is created within the budget and time allowed.




Copy right tends to differ and varie in situations which are determined from different aspects/circumstances that the product is designed under. Things that affect how copy write works include weather your working freelance or are employed by a company, working for the government, what the work is to be used for eg. mass production or for mor than one kind of design (using a designed book cover for posters etc). So basically this post will be summarising the effect and use copy write has when graphic design comes into play. Copy write is free and automatic.

Graphic design is referred to as skilfully manipulating photos words and ideas to be able to communicate a message to the targeted audience, which are generally employed publication (books, magazines, websites and newspapers) Identity (logos and branding) , advertising (billboards, print adverts, brochures, posters and website graphics) and product packaging.  Graphic designers successfully achieve this through the utilisation of  photographs, typography, composition, shapes colour, page layout and other contributing factors.

Copy right, when in terms of graphic design does not protect any particular styles, techniques, ideas or methods that are used to produce the creations that you make. It does how ever protect the actual material product such as a logo, photographs, drawings  and visual images that was produce through those processes. An example of this could be if someone where to come up with an idea for an advertising poster, using a punk kind of style through the use of photoshop, none of these things would be covered by copy write. Once you’ve begun to draw concept designs, get you ideas onto paper and begin the process of actually physically designing your concepts the copy right law comes into practice.

The actual ownership of the copyright differs depending on the conditions the work was produced under. If you are employed by a company essentially all the work/designs you create, the copy write belongs to the company. eg. if you were designing advertising posters for a client that you were assigned to through an employer, the work you created’s copy write laws do not belong to you but to your employer. However if you are a freelance worker the copy write for your design belongs to yourself  and only the final products copy write would then belong to your client allowing them to use that design for eg. a book cover and only for that, they cannot go and change it themselves to then become a poster. If for instance they did want to use the cover for other things they have to get permission of the designer and buy the copy right for the work that was made before the final product.

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